This will have a link to each team page, listing by team number. it is careful to point out that until (insert year) some teams got to be any number they chose, so do not assume that team #1 was the very first team in the FRC

About TeamsEdit

Teams are the participants of the FRC. each team follows some of these basic guidelines:

  • is a group of high school students consisting of any number of students
  • are headed by an adult, referred to as a "mentor"
  • have a number that as of (year) is in an increasing order based on which can be dated to a relative block of time. 

With this third element it should be important to point out that being dated is relative because of the way numbers were handled. it is important to point ou that in the first year, there were 28 teams. but winner of the chairman's award that year was no. 191. there is a team no. 1, but it is possible they started in the second year.

list of "all" FRC TeamsEdit

because some teams are based in seperate countries and locations thourght their respective countries, the format for each entry on this list is as follows:

Team Number, Team Name, Location (city, FRC District state/providence, country, planet), notable information (records held, specific titiles concerning FIRST). Missing entries are due to lack of information, as the original draft was written by a freelance FIM participant. pages also are to come soon.

Team 1 - The Juggernauts (Pontiac, FIM, Michigan, USA, Earth) - Although numbered "team 1" they are technically not the first ever FIRST Team.

Team 2 - 

Team 3 - 

Team 469 - Las Guerillas

Team 818 - The Steel Armadillos (Warren, FIM, Michigan, USA, Earth)

Team 4928 - Arabian Knights (United Arab Emirates) - First FRC team stationed in the UAE.

Team 5214 - The Mighty CavBots (St. Clair Shores, FIM, Michigan, USA, Earth)

Team 5539 - The Product Pioneers (Harper Woods,FIM,Michigan,USA, Earth)

Team 5555 - The Fitzgerald Spartans (Warren,FIM,Michigan,USA,Earth)